How To Buy Tickets:

1. Enter your details into the boxes.

2. Don't forget to add your email address after your name.
3. No HOG number? Just leave blank
4. Press "add to cart" to go to the next page- you should see the following screen

5. Press the more button and check details are correct. If not correct press "remove" to take the ticket out of the basket. Press "continue shopping" to re-enter details.

6. If the details are correct, do you want to add more tickets? If you do, press continue shoping in the top right corner and return to the input screen. Repeat steps 1-5

7. Added all your tickets and ready to buy?- if you don't have a Paypal account press "Check Out" button and then enter your debit/credit card details. If you do have a Paypal account press the yellow "PayPal Check Out" button to log-in and pay.

8. No Tickets are issued please print-out and keep the receipt which will be emailed to you from ""

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