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Before you set-off do you do your checks?

1. Check your bike- Think POWDERS
P - Petrol
O - Oil
W - Water
D - Damage/Drive
E - Electrics
R- Rubber
S - Steering/Suspension
also did you check your brakes (stationary & moving?)

2. Check yoursel! - Think I AM SAFE
I - Illness
A - Attitude
M - Medication
S - Sleep
A - Alchol
F- Food
E - Emotion

Rider Safety:

Our Riding Protocol can be found by following this link:

Rider Courses for skills enhancement:

Road Marshall training is provided in-house by one of our members. If you are interested contact Chris Sykes for further info:

IAM £149: the course focuses on five phases of advanced riding; information, position, speed, gear and acceleration. The course, called Skills for Life, focuses on building confidence in your own ability so that you can make good progress.

Included in the price is the Better Rider's handbook, one year's IAM membership and free RAC Roadside and Recovery cover for the first year, which normally costs £106.
A 10% discount is given nationally to HOG members. Some local groups offer further discounts. Find a nearby group and see what discounts you may get. Sessions are usually 1:1 with an abserver who advises you and monitors your progress. 6 sessions over 12 weeks and the cost of your first test is included in the price.

RoSPA, £47 if you are under 26 and £57 if older.
RoSPA's Advanced Motorcycle Training is based on the 'System of motorcycle control' as detailed in Motorcyle Roadcraft - The Police Riders Handbook.

The four day course will prepare you for the Advanced Riding Test and aims to make you better at anticipating changes, more observant and with enhanced handling skills. Where IAM is only Pass or Fail, the ROSPA has 3 levels of pass Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Enhanced Rider Scheme, £depends on training needs
For this scheme, you'll have an assessed ride with a trainer. If the trainer thinks you don't require any further training you'll receive a DVSA certificate of competence straight away.

Otherwise, you'll receieve personalised training to improve your riding upto the point where you can receieve the certificate.

Riding Protocol
IAM Manual
Tips on Slow Riding:
Tips on Emergency Braking:
Tips on Counter Steering: