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The 2018 committee:

Primary Officers:
Director: Graham Bell - director@devalegionhog.co.uk
Assistant Director: To be appointed
Secretary: Mike Buchan - secretary@devalegionhog.co.uk
Treasurer: Ian Miller - treasurer@devalegionhog.co.uk

Other Officers:
Head Road Captain: Andrew Ball - roadcaptain@devalegionhog.co.uk
Ladies of Harley: Karen Dakin - loh@devalegionhog.co.uk
Editor/Webmaster: Vincent Verzijl - editor@devalegionhog.co.uk
Safety Officer: Chris Sykes - safety@devalegionhog.co.uk
Merchandise: Jacqui Rickaby - merchandise@devalegionhog.co.uk
Events: Keith Davies - events@devalegionhog.co.uk